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Colon Cleansing Through Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

If there is any species on earth that just loves to eat during various times of the day and night, it would be the human beings. People have breakfast, morning snacks, coffee breaks, lunch, dessert, afternoon munches, pre-dinner meals, banquets, and midnight snacks. While all that may be extremely enjoyable, a part of the human body is getting busy catching up with the food intake.

What is a Colon?

The colon or the large intestine is responsible for eliminating food products and conserving water for the body. Moreover, the colon makes sure that the nutrients needed for healthy functioning is absorbed through the use of some bacteria residing in the colon. However, this essential function is compromised when an individual is unable to have regular bowel movements for twice to thrice in a day. This is usually caused by many factors such as the lack of fiber in the diet or too minimal water consumption.

Consequently, waste food products get stuck in the colon and adversely affect its normal functioning. If this continues, the person can get constipated or end up contracting various diseases associated with a weak colon. The colon definitely needs some urgent assistance and this could be in the form of colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is described as the process by which warm filtered water is slowly and carefully infused into the rectum.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

As such, colon hydrotherapy is also aptly called colonic irrigation. The method is said to effectively bring the colon back to health as well as provide the individual relief and relaxation. This type of colon cleansing is considered painless, mild, and safe as there are no harsh chemicals or drugs that are used in the process. During colon hydrotherapy, the person is asked to lie down on a treatment table while a tiny speculum is inserted into the rectum.

The speculum used is typically a disposable item that can be only used once to avoid complications from previous treatments. Likewise, it is a closed system that prevents the leakage of eliminated waste materials or unpleasant odor. In this way, the person feels comfortable and unworried throughout the colon hydrotherapy session. The whole time, the colonic irrigation therapist consciously keeps an eye on the water temperature as it goes in and out of the colon.

After 45 minutes, the individual is relieved from toxic materials that have otherwise continued to stay on in the colon. Through colon hydrotherapy, accumulated mucous, dead cellular tissues, impacted waste products, worms and parasites are abolished from the organ. Otherwise, these poisonous elements can enter back into the bloodstream and bring headaches, skin allergies, fatigue, brain fog, flu, Candida, and many others. Furthermore, when the colon is clear, the body is enabled to absorb the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients properly.

What are the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?
Meanwhile, the colon itself is greatly benefited by colonic irrigation. Colon hydrotherapy strengthens the organ’s muscles and promotes smooth peristalsis movements. At times, when the colon is weighed down by pounds and pounds of fecal matter, the muscles in the colon get weakened. But through colonic irrigation, the muscles get exercised as it contracts with each filling and emptying of the water in the colon.

After a while, the colon is enabled to get back to its natural way of eliminating toxic materials with an enhanced peristaltic ability. Needless to say, chronic constipation is prevented that usually leaves one feeling weak and sluggish. Interestingly, colon hydrotherapy also brings back the natural shape of the colon. The soothing way by which water enters and gets out of the colon allows bulges and constrictions to smoothen out. The colon therapist assists in this process with some gentle massage.

Most importantly, colon hydrotherapy provides an opportunity to detect signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer. The colon is also prepared for colonoscopy and Barium enema that lead to an effective diagnosis. Colonic irrigation is likewise an important aspect of detoxifying the body from alcohol and drug abuse. Finally, the process involved in colon hydrotherapy stimulates the various reflex points found in the colon. In so doing, any benefit that is afforded the colon is passed on to the other parts of the body.

Evidently, colon hydrotherapy has numerous advantages that do not only promote a healthy colon but a healthy body as well. The only caution is that it cannot be used for individuals with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and others. The best way is to consult your physician for some good advice but generally, colonic irrigation is a very safe procedure.